I have written a number of articles for professionals who see me for Executive Counselling. These can be accessed by clicking on the titles of articles that are listed below. They are part of the larger collection of Counselling Articles available on my website.

I continuously post new articles, so please let me know if you would like me to write about a topic I have not yet addressed.

Executive Counselling

Professionals I work with in Executive Counselling identify a variety of personal and professional goals. Articles I have posted that pertain specifically to executive counselling include:

Gifted Adults

Professionals I work with in Executive Counselling tend to be highly intelligent. A discussion about giftedness is often useful because it helps clients view their experiences from a new perspective. Articles to explore on the topic of giftedness include:


A significant number of my Executive Counselling clients are either in burnout, or well on their way, when they contact me. A discussion of burnout – how it happens, how to get out of it, and how to prevent it from happening again – becomes an important part of our work together. Articles I have posted on the topic of burnout include:


I discuss workplace issues with my  Executive Counselling clients in detail. Topics that often arise include managing heavy workloads, successfully unwinding, developing healthy coping methods, and successful job search strategies. Articles to explore on the topic of the workplace include:

Physical and Mental Health

Physical and Mental Health problems can arise when carrying a demanding workload over a prolonged period. A goal of clients I work with in Executive Counselling is often to improve their physical and mental health. Articles I have written on these topics include:

Substance Abuse

Professionals sometimes attempt to manage their stress levels by drinking alcohol or taking drugs to unwind. Managing stress in this fashion, however, can lead to having two problems rather than just one. Drinking more than 14 drinks – where a drink can be 8 ounces of wine, a 12-ounce beer, or an ounce of liquor – on a weekly basis is a ‘red flag’ that you may have a problem. Articles to explore on the topic of substance abuse include:

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