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Are you in Burnout? 10 Important Questions and Answers

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Lots of people are looking for work at any given time. In Calgary, more people than usual looking for work today because of the low price of oil and all the lay-offs that have happened over the past year and a half. With low oil prices and unemployment rates so high, it can be tempting […] Continue Reading

The title of this blog post won’t make any sense to people who lived outside of Calgary. But if you live in Calgary, even if you don’t work in the oil industry, you get it. If it’s not you that has no work to do, then someone you talked to earlier today is in this […] Continue Reading

Almost 100,000 people have lost their jobs because of the downturn in oil prices. That’s a huge number. The media says that more job cuts are to come. One large oil company announced this morning that it will cut an additional 7,000 jobs worldwide. My neighbours are a case in point. The wife was terminated […] Continue Reading

Sometimes people come to see me in my private practice after they have just been laid off. They are usually rocked. Their self-esteem has taken a blow. They’re seen others be laid off from their jobs but they weren’t prepared for it be their turn. Sometimes they imagined it could never happen to them because […] Continue Reading

Falling oil prices create stress. You only have to listen to the news or read the newspaper to sense the fear as oil prices fall.  Stock prices fall, which has many concerned about their investments. Jobs are lost. Falling oil prices mean engineering consulting firms lay-off drafters and support staff as they move to cut costs. […] Continue Reading

It is helpful to anticipate the challenges you may encounter when you decide to change jobs or change professions.  (Details in the following stories have been changed to protect privacy.) When a good friend was 18-years-old and heading off to university, his high school teachers suggested that he become an engineer. Ian didn’t have a realistic perspective of the profession at […] Continue Reading

I have had several clients arrive at my office for our first session shortly after they have been terminated from their jobs. Still others have arrived stating they are about to be fired. Of these individuals, several have indicated they were surprised that their jobs were threatened because they were “in the right” and thus expected […] Continue Reading

Some of my clients identify themselves as “trailing spouses.” They use this term to indicate that they have followed their husbands, either within Canada or around the world, moving whenever their husbands’ jobs demanded that they move. Frequently, these women would stay behind in the city they were leaving, after their husbands accepted the promotions, […] Continue Reading

Most people aren’t aware that 90% of jobs are hidden, meaning they are not advertised. Perhaps you want to change jobs, have recently been let go, or have voluntarily left a job in search of new opportunities, but are having difficulty finding suitable positions to apply for. If you are only applying for the jobs […] Continue Reading

Often when a person has just been fired, they experience low self-esteem and a drop in confidence. Many times, they are counselled by friends and relatives to take some time off to relax. This would seem difficult to do when that person is overwhelmed at the outlook of being unemployed. I often counsel my clients that […] Continue Reading

I have worked with clients who have experienced feelings of embarrassment and shame after being fired from their jobs. During counselling for such situations, I point out that our society typically assumes that when a person has been fired, he or she somehow must have deserved it. There is an assumption of guilt that goes with being fired.  […] Continue Reading

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Sign-up to receive my monthly blog updates and receive this free report:
Are you in Burnout? 10 Important Questions and Answers